Update on the dart software

Just pushed a new version of the dart software to google code!

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  1. tom says:

    WOW…i have been tinkering with this sort of thing!! Wanting to update an older dartboard to what is out there now…meaning, play Anyone…Anywhere… I will check out the code! Screen shots are awesome , better then what you see in a bar!!
    Hopefully this is still alive thread!!! Here is hoping!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! I just pushed a few minor fixes 🙂 It’s alive 😉

  3. Rodrigo says:

    this is really awsome project.
    Can you tell me which XNA version you used?


  4. Miguel Leão says:


    Your dartboard software is awesome.

    Are you still working on this software?

    Thanks for all your work,
    Miguel Leão

  5. admin says:

    I’ve been busy with studies and other stuff, but I will continue working on the software when I have time. Hopefully very soon 🙂

  6. Miguel Leão says:

    Don’t worry,
    What you have done is awesome and I’m glad about that.

    Good luck with your studies,

    Thanks again,
    Miguel Leão

  7. the power says:

    Hi men, i have a medalist dart in my house,, but software is very old… if possible install phoenix software in my machine????


  8. admin says:

    probably not x)

  9. the power says:

    Not is possible install new software in my medalist machine?? dartslive software or spectrum ns software.. is same machine really???


  10. Luke putterbaugh says:

    Hi I’m really interested in this project. I have no clue about setting this up, but I am an avid dart thrower who is looking to set up a home electronic dart board. It seems the ones you can purchase from the store are really hard to see the scoring versus the ones at the bar/pub. Would this work as a scoreboard on a tablet?

  11. Luke putterbaugh says:

    Can I get in touch with you some how?

  12. admin says:

    Sure, email me at contact @ martinpersson.org

  13. admin says:

    The software is built using the Microsoft XNA Framework so it only runs on Microsoft devices. I’ve thought about making it cross platform but I don’t have a lot of time to work on this project.

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