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I recently went looking for a good application launcher, and most people seem to be running . I tried it for a short while, and it’s pretty much what I need but there was one thing bothering me. Launchy works by indexing your start menu and because I never use the start menu, I don’t have my applications in there. So I had to create a folder and put all my shortcuts in for it to index. I know there is probably a plugin for launchy which solves this somehow but I saw this as an opportunity to learn some more WPF and write my own application launcher.

This was a few weeks ago and I’ve been using the launcher I wrote a lot since then. It stays in the background and saves the list of applications that is running every 5 minutes, very basic. I also added the option to add files and folders and switch between running applications. Feel free to download the source code and have a look around, you might find it useful.

Press CTRL+SPACE to bring it into focus at any time, or click on the icon in the tray bar. F1 opens up the list of added shortcuts where you can delete/edit/add entries.


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