Progress report #1

Last week I had set a deadline for myself to have a draft of the story for my wp7 game ready, which I more or less have, but I didn’t make a post.

I have a pretty solid feel for what I want the main characters personality to be like, but I still have a lot of other stuff to figure out. I also have the basic elements of the story down but I need to find a way to put everything together.

I decided to make a roadmap for the game as well. Just a set of sub goals which I will try to aim for but the dates will probably change.

  • 18 june-1 july    continue with story and start to rough out some drawings of characters and environments
  • 2-8 july              finish story and character design (more or less)
  • 9-22 july            start to work on level design, puzzles, define most important gameplay elements and put together some requirements for the game engine
  • 23-29 july         finalize level design and requirements, create a storyboard outlining the entire game
  • 30 july-5 aug    start working on the engine and put together a small tech demo
  • 6 aug-okt           workworkworkwork
  • okt-nov              playtesting
  • nov-dec              tweaking

I’m aiming for release sometime around new year

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